Architectural Detailing

I define Architectural Detailing, for the purpose of residential design, as adding in the important details that give character and personality to either an exterior or interior and helps define what the building style is. 

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In this project, we included appliqués, dentil moulding, fluted pilasters, and a specific mullion shape for the glass doors to convey the feeling and style of an English interior.

These architectural details such as columns, carvings, mouldings, and millwork can also be used to help define areas in open concept spaces.  These details are easily incorporated in both traditional and contemporary designs, and generally, add warmth to space by incorporating classic and sometimes historical details. 

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With the clever manipulation and incorporation of specific mouldings, panels etc., you can also disguise some of the smaller imperfections or mechanical installations that you just can’t get around.   

Remember radiator covers?  – the perfect combination of detailing and millwork to make a permanent installation functional and useful.

Radiator Covers - Sheridan Interiors, architectural detailing, traditional home, interior designer cornwall, interior designer ottawa

Embellishments and details are not only for walls and doors, and not necessarily always accomplished with millwork.  Decorative painting with unusual materials can also add an air of luxury and originality to space, as shown in photos below.  These ceilings got the full treatment using a combination of mouldings and metallic leafing!

decorative ceiling treatments, vaulted ceilings, ceiling medallions, ceiling mouldings, Embellishments and details - Sheridan Interiors, sheridan interiors kitchens and baths, interior designer ottawa, interior designer cornwall, home renovation, new home construction

Sympathetic architectural detailing is also so important for the EXTERIOR of your home.  The correct architectural detailing helps define what your building is.  Example; is it a Colonial, a Craftsman or a Tudor?

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All of these home styles have distinct classic architectural and recognizable details that define what their style is.

You need to make sure though that you’re using the right elements that are appropriate to your home’s style or period.

Does your home lack personality?

Do you long for that certain ‘charm’?

Does the exterior of your home leave you flat
when you pull in the driveway?

If you’re ready to give your home some attention and flair schedule a consultation and we’ll help you make the right selections that will increase the value and appeal of your home. 


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