Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist (CAPS) Universal Design

None of us will escape the ageingcontemporary bathroom with roll in shower. Large format porcelain tiles. Quartz panels for shower walls Kohler Karing toilet interior designer cornwall interior designer ottawa kitchen and bath designer cornwall kitchen and bath designer ottawa process, but most everyone will age differently depending on their genetic makeup, lifestyle, and environment.

Aging-in-Place and Universal Design (aka Inclusive Design) embrace safety from a convenience standpoint rather than a ‘warning’ beacon. It becomes a virtually invisible element of a home when done well.

Universal Design is based on 7 principles;

  1. Equitable Use
  2. Flexibility in Use
  3. Simple & Intuitive Use
  4. Perceptible Information
  5. Tolerance for Error
  6. Low Physical Effort
  7. Size and Space for Approach and Use

When you reflect on each element above you can understand that they are all as important;  for a baby just learning to walk or for a mom with a baby in her arms, an ageing parent or someone who has a physical or visual challenge or a hearing impairment.  It would only make sense that we design our homes so that they can function at their best for any situation.

What about a sudden injury or illness – is your home ready?

While no one sets out to get injured or is happy about being confronted with a progressive illness diagnosis, and for those thinking that they are not ‘there yet’, consider the following;

  • The financial cost of delaying simple modifications, as prices keep increasing year after year.
  • The emotional stress of having to deal with a loved one or your own injury after the initial traumatic event. You will rarely be in the right frame of mind to make the proper decisions.

Planning is the key to being able to transition through these life challenges, after all, you’ve spent a lifetime creating memories in your home, wouldn’t it be better to stay there as long as you can?

Here are a few articles I wrote on the subject of Universal Design.  There are more articles and lots more great advice for other areas of your home here on my blog.  (These articles were also published on Houzz.com)
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Make a Powder Room Accessible with Universal Design

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Right-size doorways, lever handles and clearance and the sink and commode are a great start in making a powder room accessible to all

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Optimal Space Planning for Universal Design in the Kitchen

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Let everyone in on the cooking act with an accessible kitchen layout and features that fit all ages and abilities.

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