Custom Furniture

At Sheridan Interiors, Kitchens + Baths We Know It Can be a challenge finding that perfect piece to finish off your décor.

You saw a gorgeous sofa but it won’t fit in your room, the dining chairs have ‘the look’ but they’re too big. You love the table but it only comes in black. You need a cabinet to fit a certain spot. Sound familiar?

Over the years we’ve developed strong relationships with wonderful artisans and custom shops that meet our criteria for quality construction, exceptional materials and have a shared approach to aesthetics.

While custom furniture might sound expensive, and it can be depending on what you’re having made, it’s not always. Your long-term satisfaction of having the right piece, in the right size, in the right colour that fits you, is priceless. So next time you’re struggling to find that special piece, give us a call and we’ll work through the details so you can relax in style. You’ll love the results and that’s one decision you’ll never regret.

We offer Furniture Layout and Specifications plans if you don’t need specific furniture sizing. The plan includes a floor plan with furniture layout and size specifications so you’re free to shop yourself.

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