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Full-Service Interior Design is our most popular service for NEW CONSTRUCTION or REMODELING projects.  We provide turn-key service for your project starting with the initial design concepts all the way to the final finishing details of furnishing and styling your space for a fabulous photo finish!  As part of your team we appreciate being involved from the early planning stages before plans are finalized if at all possible.  Our experience adds a global view and vision to the project not only from architectural component but also to the function of spaces so they indeed take into consideration all aspects of your lifestyle, present and future.  During the construction phase we connect with the trades and provide an added layer of oversight as well as communicate any and all of the interior details that affect the intended outcomes.  We take care of and manage all of the large and small details that are intrinsic and so important to this type of project.  In the end your home will have a beautiful, seamless and cohesive flow that speaks to who lives there.


We love what we do and over the years have developed cherished relationships with wonderful artists and artisans, landscape designers, great craftsmen and women and select products that meet our exacting standards.  Our dedication to our clients and their projects is nothing less than we’d expect when investing our own money into our projects, whether large or small. Our collaborative approach and open communication are a few of the cornerstones that help make our projects successful resulting in happy clients.

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It starts with the conversation!

Every project starts with an initial consultation in your home.  We prefer having this initial visit in your space so we get to know, feel and see what’s working and what’s not, and what are some of the challenges you’re dealing with and what the goals are.  We also like to go over some of your inspiration photos to uncover your aesthetic.  This initial visit usually takes up to 2 hours and is paid in advance to reserve your appointment in our calendar.

-We do a full walk-thru of your home and discuss your likes and dislikes along the way
-We document the space (photography) and gather as much information and detail about you and your project, so that we can deliver exceptional personalized results and your project proposal
-If you already have architectural plans we will preview them to further understand the project goals
-In the case of a remodel we’ll review and discuss the possibilities of the space, the pros and cons of proposed changes and what’s realistically   possible to accomplish
-We’ll share with you our initial ideas and recommendations
-We’ll discuss budget and timelines, trades and materials, and we’ll help you define a realistic budget for your project.
-We’ll share with you what to expect and how we work, what the next steps are and what our expectations are when we take on this type of project.
-We’ll answer any questions or concerns you might have so you can feel confident that we are the firm for you.

At the end of this working session we will have a comprehensive Scope of Work defined and we can then formalize your Design and Fee proposal.

What’s Next?

Each project receives its own customized Design & Fee Proposal that reflects the scope of work, deliverables and expected outcomes.  The document also provides a detailed ‘map’, if you will, of how your project unfolds and in what sequence, so you can follow along and know what’s coming next.  Being organized and having checks in place at different phases is invaluable to all of our projects.  It ensures that;

-The construction/design team stays organized (we provide comprehensive project documents)
-Everyone is reading from the same ‘playbook’ (we’re all using the same language)
-Your contractor is not dealing with issues or areas outside of his scope (making him more efficient)
-Your project runs smoothly (see all of the above)
-Expectations and deadlines are met through methodical planning and open communication
-You have an added layer of oversight with a design team on your project
-Your stress level is dramatically decreased knowing that everything is covered

Once you approve your Design & Fee Proposal your project is ready to be scheduled in our calendar.   Below is a very brief overview of how our projects unfold.

PHASE 1 – Programming & Pre-Construction

This is where we gather all of the information and data from our phone calls, meetings, photos, etc. and organize it in into your project file.
We analyze all of this information with the goal of uncovering any potential issues and research appropriate solutions in order to move on to the design phase. In the case of a remodeling project we’ll schedule an appointment to take field measurements and transfer or upload those into our software to create the as-built. We’ll analyze the architectural parameters that we’re working with, or those that we’ll be creating, to determine if any engineering services are required.

PHASE 2 – Design Development & Schematics

This phase is where the magic starts.  All of the time spent dreaming, talking, preparing and planning starts to come alive on paper – yay!  We develop the preliminary set of conceptual designs with options where available.  I can tell you that when we start designing a space, and the ideas start flowing, there are always variations and options that reveal themselves and we like to explore and exhaust them all – within reason.  This exercise will always uncover the 1 or 2 ‘best’ layout options which we will present to you.  We research and select the appropriate materials and finishes, furnishings and decor and develop a visual concept board to support the design intent.  This development phase is undoubtedly the longest in any project.  Once we have the plan concepts, materials, finishes and samples in place we’ll schedule a presentation meeting and we will walk you though the entire project.  While we want you to concentrate on the ‘technical’ side of things at this meeting ie: how things actually function, space clearance etc.,  we also understand that not everyone has the ability to visualize as we do.  To that end we will prepare a few preliminary 3D views so that you can be as excited as we are about your beautiful new space and see how it all fits together.  While we think our plans and concepts are perfect as presented, we know that sometimes clients want some small tweaks to personalize the space even more.  We’re happy to make the necessary revisions and once we have consensus and approval we’re ready to develop and finalize the Project Documents.

PHASE 3 – Project Documents

This phase focuses on organizing all of the data, confirmed plan configurations, and architectural materials to create the Project Documents.  These are sometimes also referred to as the Design Book or Spec book.  It’s not necessarily always a physical book, but can be a digital file or both.  These are the documents that the trades will refer to for any information regarding layouts, materials, finishes, installation and architectural details.  This is a comprehensive document that includes everything your project needs to get built.  Some of the items in this book are floor plans, lighting design plans, architectural detailing, millwork, materials and finishes, appliances and specs, and a long list of other items.   It is extensive and is important.  This is also sometimes a ‘living’ document.  As with any project there could be materials that are backordered or discontinued and we have to reselect, there could be changes made to the layouts once you are actually in the space on site and you want to change a partition or window location.  Changes are to be expected and we try and make those changes as painless as possible for everyone involved.  The key is timely and clear communication followed up and supported by updated documentation.

PHASE 4 – Procurement & Project Oversight

Finally your project is underway and the shovels are in the ground!  This phase concentrates on procurement of materials and all of the associated administration as well as project oversight.  Depending on the project type and scope (and global supply chain climate) sometimes procurement and delivery of all materials happens before any shovels hit the ground and sometimes procurement can happen both before and during.

Project administration and oversight is an extremely important part of the entire process for successful completion.  Even with the best preparation, site conditions can sometimes dictate another direction.  Real time decisions on unforeseen issues in the field sometimes require us to drop what were doing and get to the site and address these. Keeping the project and trades on track is paramount and that requires making important in-the-moment decisions to provide timely solutions to keep the project moving.  Our years of experience, knowledge of the process, our relationships with the trades and our detailed plans should alleviate stress and confusion for everyone when we’re all working from the same book.

We schedule site visits to assess progress and oversee that execution is going according to the plans.  Depending on scope of project this could be weekly or bi-weekly, sometimes more. We’ll communicate with the trades to answer any and all questions to keep the project on track.  We provide you with a weekly report/update on the progress of the project, any potential issues and resolutions.

PHASE 5 – Furnishings and Accessories

With all of the decisions for hard materials completed, and your home taking shape, it’s now time to concentrate on all of the ‘pretty’ to show off your style.  We further develop the furniture layouts and specifications to determine scale, style, function and aesthetic.  We’ll select and coordinate all of the right furniture pieces, window coverings, accents and accessories.  We’ll pull together all materials and finish samples and present the ensemble for your approval.  Depending on the size and scope of the project this could be done by room or as a whole.  At this meeting you’ll get to see how the room(s) make the perfect statement of beauty, function and comfort, and how this final phase supports your new construction or remodeling project for that magazine photo finish you’ve been dreaming of.  We’ll present the budget and discuss revisions if necessary.  Once you have approved all items we’ll formalize the Furnishings Proposal , get deposits and we’re ready to order and move through to the administration, execution and installation. All of your hard work and patience will be rewarded when you walk into your home and see that it beautifully reflects you and your family.

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