Interior Design 

…seeks to produce harmony, cohesiveness and optimize the interior space to its intended use.

Interior design is but one of the many disciplines involved with any building construction or remodeling project and begins with the ‘bones’ of the building. Renovation or New Construction requires carefully considered planning, as much for immediate needs as for future requirements.


All of our services begin with the initial consultation, up to 2 hours, in your home to assess and discuss your needs, explore the possibilities for your project, help you establish a realistic budget and explain our process; how we work, how a project unfolds and what to expect when working with us.
The fee for this initial consultation is $485.00 + tax for our local area.  For projects outside our local area there is an added $75.00 travel fee.


Below are the design services we offer based on different project types. From Full Service Interior Design to Consultation Only services there’s a plan for every need. If you’re not sure exactly what service best fits your needs don’t hesitate to schedule a free Discovery Call and we’ll help you determine which plan is just right for you.

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Country Kitchen with Farmhouse Sink - Sheridan Interiors

This turn-key service is geared towards New Home Construction or an extensive Home Remodeling project.
We are involved from the beginning of the project and work from your architectural plans and/or create the comprehensive set of plans which include; space planning, cabinetry plans, lighting plans, architectural detailing, detailed wall elevations, full specifications lists and visual charts, and a complete furniture plan that also includes the final layer of decorating for that fabulous photo finish!
We manage all of the details through to installations.


Kitchen & Bath projects are some of the most complex renovations with the multitude of moving parts involved, the many different trades required, and code compliance to adhere to. These project also fall into the most expensive renovations category so you want to make sure you get it right the first time.
As a Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Designer I have extensive knowledge of design requirements, a vast resource library of products and trades, and a well rounded understanding of installation methods to be able to direct a project to successful completion. Similar in scope to our Full Service Interior Design but focused solely on your kitchen or bathroom.

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Custom Cabinetry, Fit Outs, Built-Ins…whatever you call it, cabinetry that fits your room ‘perfectly’ is one of those interior design elements that really does makes a difference in how a room looks, feels and functions.  In particular in small spaces, where every inch counts and space is at a premium, designing built-in cabinetry will actually increase the amount of storage you have – because every inch counts!

We supply and install all of our cabinetry and countertops and can custom blend a stain or paint colour for something truly unique,
or match stain or paint colours to something you already have in your home – for perfect continuity throughout.
Customization is our specialty!

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Getting dressed and out the door shouldn’t feel like
you’re slaying dragons every morning.
Start and end your day in a glorious organized space and you just
might feel like ‘shopping your closet’ more often.


How a room makes you feel is as much about how it’s designed and decorated as it is about the lighting plan that goes into it. Lighting can make or break a mood in any room in an instant.  Find out how you can elevate your experience and what a thoughtful lighting plan can do for you and your home.

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Living and/or Aging-In-Place is becoming more and more popular and for good reason.  Looking to the future and making certain modifications so that you can stay in your home for the longest possible time is not only good for your wallet but is the best medicine for your mental health and well-being.
We are also seeing an increase in renovations for multi-generational living where families can stay together longer and take care of each other. These renovations have a such a positive impact on every member of the family – it’s a win-win on so many levels.



Architectural detailing is to your home what jewelry is to your outfit.

It elevates everything and that ‘everything’ is in the details.

It’s about the design details that evoke an architectural style whether traditional or contemporary.
It’s about creating intentional special moments in a room or on a building façade.
It can be ornate or elegant, classical or contemporary and it is definitely worthy of incorporating in your design.


There’s a lot of planning and moving parts once a project gets underway.  There’s a lot of tracking and follow-ups, and umpteenth balls in the air. Having the right systems, and checks and balances in place, is paramount to delivering a successful project.



All of the planning that goes on in the beginning is
certainly tested during installation.
What looks good on paper has to look good in real life….


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