Designer On Call

Not every project needs a full-time designer on the job, we get it.  That’s why we developed our Designer on Call service.  

This is a great option for people who need a bit more help than what the 2-hour consultation provides, and is offered as an ‘as needed’ basis as you move through your project.  

So if you need a second opinion, or a jumping off point for your project, Designer on Call might be a great option if you need help with;

  • -A review your architect or builder’s plan, to make sure the best use of space.  
  • -Need help in finalizing furniture selections and coordination
  • -Review any pending major purchases to make sure everything will fit
  • -Review your fabric selections, coordination and paint choices
  • -Review any of your finishes, either Interior or Exterior, to make sure everything will work together
  • -Need help with sourcing Art or Accessories
  • -Review a property that you’re considering purchasing for Interior and Exterior design considerations

We’ve set up our Designer on Call with convenient Time Blocks that you can buy and use as you like, for whatever project you need help with at any given time.   They’re great to help you budget your time and money.  

This is a great option for those who are die-hard DIY, or for those who have confidence in their own style but now and again would like a second opinion before making major purchases, or just need timely advice as they move through their own project.

There are lots of ways we can help without getting into a full-blown service.  

Time Blocks are offered in set increments of 3 hours and are valid for 90 days from purchase. There is no refund for unused time.

3 hours = $ 675.00

5 hours = $1125.00

8 hours = $1800.00

Time Blocks are paid in full at time of booking by e-transfer.  If after 90 days you have leftover unused hours they will be considered null and void.  There is no refund. 

Travel time is not included in the above prices.  

Our immediate service area includes; Cornwall, St. Andrews, Glen Walter, Lancaster, Williamstown, Martintown, Long Sault and Ingleside. Areas outside of this service map will incur travel time fees.  

Please see our Service Area Map for travel rates.
We are happy to work on projects outside of our regular service areas, and will provide a quote.