Finishing Touches Package

Finishing Touches Package - Sheridan InteriorsYou finally finished THAT room, you got the new furniture, but there’s still a little something missing, it just doesn’t feel ‘finished’ and looks, well, a little ‘flat’.  You need to inject some personality – you need accessories!

For some people, this is a very daunting task of shopping for ‘knick-knacks’, but let me tell you this is what finishes off a room like nothing else.  That perfect throw, the beautiful vase, the fresh or faux flowers, your grandmother’s bowl that you inherited.  It takes a good eye to be able to blend all of these ‘thing’s together and make it look cohesive, and not like a flea market.

Our approach to decorating is to layer your space with YOUR history.  Blending old with new, incorporating a special family piece that has sentimental meaning, blending two people’s different styles (she likes modern, he likes traditional), selecting the right artwork or photographs to display, etc. 

You can book a Styling Session through our regular Design Consultation service, where we will give you a solid direction on what to look for and buy, or you can leave the fuss to us.  We love finishing off spaces and you get a professional result.

If you would like us to professionally finish off your space, we’ll take an inventory or what you have and what’s missing and get working on curating all of the little and big pieces that will finish off your space to perfection. We’ll also give you an idea of the budget required to finish the room.  Once we have everything we need, we’ll schedule a day or ½ day to install all of the ‘accoutrements’.  You will be delighted at how beautifully your room comes together and what personality it has. 

Starts @ $2250/room