What looks good on paper has to look good in real life! 

The plans and 3D elevations that we present to you is what you will get in your space.  That goes for cabinets, furniture, draperies or other millwork.  We have developed important relationships with our other trade partners for other home services so you can be assured they bring you the same level of commitment that has been and is paramount to our success.

Yes we will take umpteenth measurements, and you might think it’s ‘overkill’ but trust me cabinets, furniture and walls are not flexible.  The sofa has to fit through the front door or the staircase, the cabinets have to fit in the allotted space and all fit together, the draperies have to hang right etc.

Installation Services - Sheridan Interiors

There’s no faking it and we can’t ‘Photoshop’ your installation so we take extra measures to make sure it fits right the first time.   

Our professional installers are knowledgeable, experienced, courteous and punctual, and have the latest tools and techniques to make every job a perfect fit!  We all have your best interest at heart and we’ll go the distance to meet your expectations. We promise!

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