Purchasing & Project Administration

Delivering a successful project takes a lot of planning and organization.

Over the years we have developed our own comprehensive system, and we follow it religiously so that we can deliver outstanding results. Our tried and true processes are one of the reasons that we prefer to manage our projects so that we deliver the results our clients have come to expect and rely on. 

Purchasing & Project Administration - Sheridan Interiors

We take care of all of the minutia and back-end administration that goes with purchasing and management of a project so that you can carry on with your day and your work.

  • We create all of the necessary purchase orders and gather acknowledgments
  • We track all items from time of purchase to warehouse, job site or other agreed upon location
  • We communicate with vendors and the trades throughout the planning, procurement, delivery and installation phases
  • We direct the flow of the project
  • We coordinate deliveries and installation with vendors and trades
  • We plan and manage installations with the various trades
  • We review and resolve deficiencies in a timely manner
  • We’ll do site visits as required to review project progress and answer any questions from trades
  • We create a punch list to review any outstanding or deficient work
  • We do a final inspection 

It’s difficult for clients to manage this process if they’ve never taken on a renovation or construction project before.  It can be quite daunting to juggle contractors and trades and difficult to know what needs to be done in what order and by what date.

Purchasing & Project Administration - Sheridan Interiors

Our knowledge and expertise in how a project needs to unfold and progress will allow your project to run much more smoothly and efficiently saving you lots of anxiety, stress, and money in the end, and your contractor will love you for it!

Whether a project is large or small each client and project gets the same attention and commitment so that everything runs smoothly and as planned.  Of course, there are times when things happen that are beyond our control but we’ll take the necessary steps to resolve issues in a timely manner.

Experience, dedication, and commitment working for you!

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