Transitional Cabinetry. Classic Look. Clean Lines


Transitional Custom Cabinetry - Sheridan InteriorsDesign that strikes a balance between the elegance of traditional and the simple clean lines of modern-day styling

The best of both worlds.

This style will appeal to those who prefer to blend the warmth and comfort of traditional interiors with the understated sophistication of clean lines found in today’s styling.


Door styles that feature exotic woods, high-gloss glass or acrylic, aluminium frames, simple lines.Door styles that feature solid wood, recessed panels, diminutive  mouldings and simple edge details

Transitional Custom Cabinetry - Sheridan InteriorsClean lines, simple hardware

Transitional Custom Cabinetry - Traditional themed artwork - Sheridan Interiors
Traditional themed artwork with a modern twist is a favourite way to introduce transitional style to your decor